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Terms of Use and Service

Terms of Use and Service

The following is the terms of use and service for Hua Hin Home Rental. By accessing and using this site, you agree to meet these terms and maintain compliance with any and all applicable local laws.

Site Use Hua Hin Home Rental provides access for individuals and real estate agents to list properties for sale or rent. This site is only for real estate property located in Thailand. Any listings submitted must be complete and accurate. If you wish to list a property then you must register on the site and choose a listing package. The individual listing plan includes the ability to post 1 property. If you need to post more, then we have 2 advanced plans for posting as many listings as you would require. The Listing plans are activated as soon as you register and pay for the plan and are active for the total time period that you choose. You can renew at the end of your time period and if you are an agent you may wish to setup a subscription that will automatically renew.

Site Overview of Services We make no guarantee of services or possible interruption of service due to war, acts of God, web server down-time, etc and you agree to hold harmless Hua Hin Home Rental and its employees. We suggest that before submitting your property listing that you take time to view our site completely and read and take note of the benefits provided herein. Then make notes for your submission and take time to give complete and accurate details about your property. This will help you in the sale or rental of your property. You can always log into your account and edit your listings at any time.

Copyright Information All articles, blogs, design, photos, graphics and information contained on this site: are the property of Hua Hin Home Rental and protected by local and international copyright laws. We do not authorize anyone to copy in whole or part any articles or information contained in this site.