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March 6, 2016

Hua Hin Beach Photo tips

Hua Hin Beach Photo tips

For those long-distance loved ones who won’t believe you vacationed in the gorgeous tropical shores of Hua Hin until they see proof, give them highlights of your spectacular trip and telling them your beach trips story with pictures. Like any good storytelling, photos storytelling also needs a beginning, middle and an end. Take plenty of pictures including wide shots of the area, reaction shots, close-ups and candid moments.  Use the following tips to avoid overexposure while making summer memories worth looking at. After all, pictures are the story of your life, and you want them to be seen in the most flattering light.

  1. Use favorite stuff you bring to the beach as props. Things such as beach ball or plastic buckets and plastic shovels will keep your subjects relaxed and playful, making it easy to have winning shots for your day-at-Hua Hin-beach portfolio.
  2. Take pictures just before sunset. Midday sun is harsh and you are more likely to squint and that won’t make for interesting photos. Head out to the beach at 4 or 5 p.m. The light will be soft and golden. For more dramatic photo, hold a pair of polarized sunglasses over your camera’s lens. The glasses will act as a filter, making the beach sky appear darker and creating greater contrast with the object you are shooting. Be sure the light source is behind the photographer to either the left or the right, but not directly behind, to create a beautiful cast on your subjects.
  3. Overcast days are OK. The clouds can help because the light is softer and there are fewer shadows on faces. Photographs taken on a white sandy beach tend to be more flattering because the reflective quality of the surface helps de-emphasize wrinkles and pockmarks. And you can start taking pictures early in the day.
  4. Zoom in. A common amateur mistake is to take a wide shot of everything. The details can make great pictures in and of themselves. Experiment with how you can capture your surroundings by looking for details and pulling out interesting patterns. Focus on sandy toes, hand holding a recently caught crab, a smiling face peeking out from a big sun hat. Unique views will help you capture wonder and excitement of a special place like Hua Hin. These kinds of intimate tight shots make memorable beach stories.
  5. Get creative. Take photos by aiming from several points of view such as shooting from slightly over head or crouching low and shoot from the subjects’ level. Use different plane and angles. Here is an example for a more interesting photo on a deck chair; have one person standing, one sitting on the chair, and one person kneeling in front.
  6. Love is in the details. A mix of solid colored clothing makes better pictures. Pay attention to your background and concentrate on your composition and frame your shot. Get a good and clear view of the people.
  7. Watch the horizon. Always keep the horizon of the water line level in your photo frame.
  8. For close up on faces. Focus on people’s eyes and have your subject look past the lens over the photographer’s shoulder for more natural look.
  9. Catch them off guard. Candid shots capture the best expressions. The secret of getting great natural pose is taking lots of pictures like crazy and keep only the ones you want.


A Research conducted by a British psychologist asked subjects about their mood before and after the subjects ate chocolate, listened to music drank wine, and gazed at photos of loved ones. Only the photos gave a noticeable mood lift at an 11 percent improvement. There you have it; looking at family photos is quick and easy way to brighten your life. Spread the joy. Capture your memories with a camera. Get your trigger finger ready and have a happy shooting.